Case Studies

Practice top oral health with a visit to the team at Joseph Anderson Dental in Montgomery, TX. Read more on our local dental case studies and discover our top dentist reviews to learn how we can transform your smile.

Case 1

Problem: Patient self-conscious of space between his front teeth.
Resolution: A one appointment solution with direct bonding provides a pleasing smile.

Case 2

Problem: Patient had periodontal (gum) disease, spaces between front teeth, irregular height of gum tissues, yellow and stained teeth.
Resolution: First, Dr. Anderson needed to stabilize the patient’s periodontal (gum) health.   Patient was then treated with orthodontics (braces) to straighten the teeth.  Six months later Dr. Anderson contoured the gums to make the teeth appear esthetically more proportional.  Finally, working with a cosmetic dental laboratory, he placed crowns and veneers, creating a beautiful smile.

Case 3

Problem: Patient B had an older fixed bridge replacing a front tooth. The teeth of the bridge were not in proportion compared to her surrounding natural teeth. The patient was embarrassed to smile and tried to hide her teeth.
Resolution: First Dr. Anderson contoured the gums of the teeth adjacent to the bridge to make them look proportional.  Dr. Anderson removed the old bridge and prepared teeth for a new fixed bridge. At the same time, he next prepared teeth adjacent to the bridge for new crowns and veneers, resulting in a pleasing smile.

Case 4

Problem: Patient C came to Dr. Anderson with chipped and broken-down teeth. He requested a "Smile Makeover."
Resolution: Four porcelain veneers and one porcelain crown. The patient now informs us that he is making a different first impression with his new smile!

Case 5

Problem: Patient D liked the light color of her crown, but because of the dullness of the adjacent natural teeth, felt it looked artificial. She wanted her other teeth to match the crown.
Resolution: Dr. Anderson placed non-invasive porcelain veneers on the surrounding teeth, giving her an aesthetically pleasing and proportionate smile.

Case 6

Problem: Patient E was not happy with her smile. Her front teeth were discolored from multiple tooth colored fillings and some malalignment.
Resolution: Dr. Anderson and his team applied porcelain crowns to change not only the shade but also the alignment, producing the smile this patient wanted.

Case 7

Problem: Patient F wanted a total makeover of his smile.
Resolution: Dr. Anderson and his team completed a full mouth reconstruction to restore function and health and to create an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Case 8

Problem: Patient G wanted a brighter, more evenly colored smile.
Resolution: Dr. Anderson treated the upper anterior six teeth with a combination of veneers and crowns.

Case 9

Problem: Patient had chipped and damaged numerous teeth in accident.
Resolution: Placed porcelain veneers to repair and give the patient a beautiful smile makeover.

Case 10

Problem: Patient had tooth knocked out in accident. He was always self-conscious about his smile.
Resolution: Upper and lower porcelain bridges give patient a confident, esthetic smile.

Case 11

Problem: Patient did not like her chipped and discolored teeth.
Resolution: A combination of porcelain crowns and veneers give the patient a beautiful smile she's always wanted.

Case 12

Problem: Patient wished to correct both functional and aesthetic problems with his smile.
Resolution: Full crowns done upper and lower not only corrected structural and functional issues, but gave patient a very pleasing smile.

Case 13

Problem: Patient with chipped and worn teeth in her smile.
Resolution: A combination of veneers, crowns and bridges gives the patient a pleasing smile.

Case 14

Problem: Irregular shaped teeth with space near front on upper left. Patient also did not like shade of her teeth.
Resolution: Combination of veneers and crowns to achieve a pleasing smile.

Case 15

Problem: Patient smile stained and discolored from old composite restorations.  Patient wanted a smile makeover.
Resolution: Placed porcelain veneers to result in a pleasing natural looking smile.


Case 16

Problem: Patient with older veneers from the 80’s. Teeth not proportional and gums had receded.
Resolution: Laser gum contouring and new crowns to make teeth proportional for a natural pleasing smile.


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